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Basic Beekeeping 2019
Cost $200.00
Perry Brandt at or (902) 300-4171
Kevin McKaigue at or (902) 584-2263
Basic Beekeeping 2019 Poster [PDF]

Beekeeping Basics for Beginners
NSCC Kingstec
Cost $489
For more information call (902) 679-617
Beekeeping Basics Poster [PDF]

The Modern Beekeeper
Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture
Cost $400.00 per module ($1,600.00 total)
Dal Modern Beekeeper Website

Beeyond The Veil Beekeeper Training
Introduction to Bee keeping $45
Beginners Course $285
One day intermediate Course $75
Our new Top Bar Beginners Course $160
David Adams at or (902) 973-1149
Full Course details and registration

Beginner Beekeeing Course
Cost: $229.94 (tax included).
Tuition cost due by March 13th.

Located at Waverley Legion. 2234 Rocky Lake Dr., Waverley, Nova Scotia

Saturday, March 23rd from 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Sunday, March 24th from 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Course Outline
Session 1: History of the Honeybee, Bee Biology, Equipment, A Day in the Life of a Bee, Installing Bees, Hive Placement
Session 2: Inspections, Splits, Swarms, Pests and Diseases, Harvesting Season, Winterizing

Taught by Barry Yhard from Abbigail Honey, a Masters in Beekeeping candidate from the University of Montana.

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