New Beekeepers

Workshops and Courses

The Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association has not reviewed any of the materials and does not specefically endorse any of the following courses or worksshops.

1. Modern Beekeeper Course
The Modern Beekeeper is a new hands-on production course developed as a collaboration between Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture, the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, Perennia and the Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association. This course is designed for new and existing farmers who want to gain production skills and grow their beekeeping expertise. Through a combination of classroom and field work, participants will gain knowledge, skills and contacts needed to become successful beekeepers.  Please click here for the Modern Beekeeper Rebate Application [PDF]

For more information, please see the Modern Beekeeper Website [New Window]

2. Basic Beekeeping Course 2017 .This is a two day course put on by 2 small scale commercial beekeepers (combined 30 years experience) designed to provide an introduction to aspects of beginning beekeeping. 2 dates to choose from: May 20-21 and June 3-4 at Acadia Campus. Class size limited! $175 plus HST. includes meals and nutrition breaks. For more info. contact Perry at

3. Beekeeper training school  in Chester
Aimed manly at developing the skills for the hobbyists and small scale beekeeper.
For more information contact Dave Adams

5. Beekeeping Basics for Beginners
NSCC Kingstec
Cost $615.00
For more information call 902-679-617 Beekeeping Basics Poster [PDF]

6.Commercial Queen Course (June 27-28 and August 2, 2017)

This 3-part course will provide the experienced beekeeper with various techniques to produce honey bee queens for their own use and to sell to others in the industry. This introduction will include discussions of honey bee genetics and development of a breeding program to meet individual objectives, as well as demonstrating the techniques and equipment required to produce healthy, productive queen bees.